Best Baseball Infield and Outfield Drills

Improve Your Fielding Skills

If you’re a coach, or a player who just wants to get better, running the right drills is essential for your teams’ success! The only way to run drills effectively, is to know all the details that are involved in each drill. Sitting there thinking you don’t know all the details? We thought so, and that’s just fine.


We have you covered! We’ve been doing this for years and we cannot think of a better way to help coaches, players and parents run efficient drills that will improve the performance of your team.

First Things First

Before we get into any type of technical drill, why they should be ran or what types of equipment you need, we cannot stress enough the importance of a good mitt. Using one of the top gloves for baseball and amazing brands will always help the player become a better fielder. If you have trouble finding one, use this glove review guide by Mind Fuse Baseball – Best Baseball Gloves Reviews They explain why each mitt can be right for the position you play.

Are You Ready to Learn Some Drills?

Great, let’s get started because we have a lot of explaining to do. We’ll also provide some great videos to show you exactly what we are talking about!

Improve Infield Fundamentals: Partner Ground Ball Drill

The purpose of this drill is to improve the fundamentals of fielding a ground ball and transferring that ball to your throwing hand as fast as possible.

What you need:

You need a partner / teammate to do this drill with. You’ll also need your glove and a ball.

The Drill:

Stand about 10 feet away from each other and toss the ball on the ground for grounders to your teammate. You can work on forehand, middle or backhand ground balls. Check out the video below to get an idea of what we are talking about:

Improve Outfield Fundamentals: Baseball Bear Hand Catch

This is a drill where all you need are some baseballs and someone to throw you some balls. You can really simulate any type of catch that could actually happen in the game. It’s important that you pump your arms if you’re running, or simulating catching on the run. This way, you are getting used to moving while snagging a ball on the run.

The Purpose:

This drill can really help you improve catching with your backhand and forehand. It will also help you judge the ball better. Lastly, this drill will give you the confidence you need to play at your very best.

Check out this video below to get a visual of our explanation:


With these simple, but yet effective drills, you have everything you need to get better as a positional player. Infielders and outfielders should do these drills every single day to improve their fundamentals. So much so, that it becomes a fixed habit. Keep working on all the little things so they become second nature to you. When the game is on the line, you’ll have the confidence to make the play!

Top Mitts for Infielders Outfielder Catchers and Pitchers

Baseball Gloves That Are Great

For baseball players, their glove is everything. The feel, size, color and specific position will be the major reasons why ball players choose certain gloves. Each player needs a position-specific glove. We want to show you the top mitts for all positions in baseball.

Before we go into all the positions, we need to examine the criteria that we used to get to this point in choosing the best baseball gloves and brands. Top mitts are hard to come by, but we’ve got you covered.

best mitts

For starters, we wanted to look into the brand. There are some stellar brands out there, such as Wilson, Rawlings and Easton, to name a few. The question becomes, which are right for your position?

In addition to looking into brands, we really wanted to dissect the leather quality. This isn’t easy, however we did find some leathers are better than others. The main thing we discovered was durability, feel and break-in ability.

Did you know that some gloves are harder to break in than others? That’s right, and it’s all because of the leather.

Gloves by Position

Serious baseball players will know that all gloves are not created equal, and that there are absolutely position specific type of gloves. The length and size alone is usually the difference. Let’s go over the top mitts by position.


Playing in the infield can mean many different things because there are a few different positions in the infield that require different types of plays. For example, first base gloves will be much different than short stops, second basemen and third base mitts.

First Base

The Wilson A2K first base glove is by far the top mitt of choice for first basemen. It has a perfect pocket to catch and scoop so you can make any play.

Short Stop / Third Base / Second Base

The Wilson A2000 11” is the glove short stops, 2nd basemen and 3rd basemen want to be choosing. The leather is absolutely amazing and it has a nice small pocket to field any ground ball necessary.


The All Star catcher’s mitt is super padded and has outstanding leather. Never have bruised palms again because the quality of this catchers mitt is the real deal.


There aren’t many to choose from, but we always like to say to go with Rawlings. They hide the ball very well so batters can’t figure out which pitch you are trying to throw.


Left field, center field and right fielders need at least a 12” glove. This helps catch pop flys, line drives and field ground balls. More importantly, the bigger the glove gives the players more ground to cover.

What Glove Will You Go with?

Choosing a glove takes time and effort. That’s why we wanted to put this list together for you so it could save you time, and potentially money. However, we also kept your end goals in mind. To be the best baseball player you can you will need a top mitt.

Our list was comprised of high quality, big brand gloves. There’s nothing better than baseball on a nice hot summer day. When the crowd shows up, you better bring your A-Game and be using the right glove that works for you.

Steps to Choosing the Right Glove

The right baseball mitt could mean the difference between losing and winning. It is of utmost importance, therefore, that players select the perfect glove for themselves. There seems to be an exhaustive list of options for choosing top baseball gloves, but there are only very few that fit the narrow criteria that most players, amateur and professional, follow in glove selection.

  1. The Perfect Fit

The very first thing that people check in baseball mitts is the fit. It has to comfortably accommodate the arm without any pinching or slipping. These gloves undergo such high-intensity use with catching speeding balls so a player should be able to do what he’s trained to do without thinking too much about the mitt falling off or slipping when catching a ball.

  1. Versatility

Next is to select an all-around glove. Unless you are a first baseman or a catcher, you’ll want to choose a glove that can be used in any position around the field. Many players favor a multipurpose glove to enable them to switch quickly between positions if they have to or its performance far exceeds those that were tailor-made for certain positions.

  1. Durability

Because baseball mitts live such turbulent lives, they need to be made with high-quality material that gives them durability. It has to withstand numerous ball catches. A glove should also be able to sustain for more than a couple of seasons. Many players get attached to their equipment and would want something made well and will last for throughout their entire career.

Top 3 Ways to Improve Your Infielding

When it comes to baseball, all players play a crucial role in the team’s success. In particular, the infield players are the key defensive players for any baseball team and are tasked with the difficult job of defending each base, catching balls before hitting the ground or tagging the runners. They are also tasked to quickly throw the ball to first base before any batter can reach it. It is therefore of utmost importance that infield players play at their peak in every game. Here are three tips at improving infield play.

  1. A Strong Fundamental

Going back to basics is always a great way to refine any skill a player possess. Infielders, in particular, need to build a strong foundation in the sport at the very beginning for future success. Strict, regimented, and consistent training is crucial. This is aimed at improving the throw, footwork, as well as improving a good glove action.

  1. Repetition

Once a good foundation is established, skills are enhanced and refined through repetition. Multiple practices will improve all the body mechanics involved in the gameplay as well as increase a player’s confidence. Repetition can also help to build a great dynamic among all infield players, making the dynamic among all infielders seamless and their reaction instinctual.

  1. Glove-Arm Action

Among all players, the infielders see the most glove action. Meaning, they catch and throw balls more than any other players. It is therefore mandatory that all infielders develop a good glove-arm action. It also helps that they use a quality glove from top glove brands for catching the ball without fumbling.

Top 3 Best Baseball Glove Brands

Just like shoes in basketball, racket in tennis, and bike in cycling, baseball wouldn’t be what it is without the glove. It is the most prominent equipment in the sport and choosing gloves is as important as practice for some players. Below are the top three brands of baseball mitts and what makes them truly the best. These are listed in no particular order.

  1. Marucci

A mark of a pro baseball player is choosing a mitt that’s comfortable and durable. Marucci makes its mitts using deer-tanned cowhide lining and a steer hide leather shell giving the mitt the durability to last for multiple seasons. Many of their gloves are handcrafted with great attention to detail. Players consider Marucci gloves as the Ferrari in baseball.

  1. Wilson

A respected brand in the sports world as well as in popular culture, Wilson has always delivered quality in each of its products. They do not disappoint with their A2000 series. Their baseball mitts have always been a popular choice among amateur and professional players alike. They produce glove for players with multiple positions and they make sure each one is durable and comfortable enough to last for many seasons.

  1. Rawling

Using high-quality materials, Rawling continues to prove to be a giant when it comes to baseball mitts, especially since they released their Pro Preferred line. They design gloves that combine quality and performance in order to create an exceptionally versatile glove fit any player regardless of their position. Rawling mitt’s winning feature has always been the sheepskin lining that provides comfort as well as maintains the shape of the glove.