Top 3 Best Baseball Glove Brands

Just like shoes in basketball, racket in tennis, and bike in cycling, baseball wouldn’t be what it is without the glove. It is the most prominent equipment in the sport and choosing gloves is as important as practice for some players. Below are the top three brands of baseball mitts and what makes them truly the best. These are listed in no particular order.

  1. Marucci

A mark of a pro baseball player is choosing a mitt that’s comfortable and durable. Marucci makes its mitts using deer-tanned cowhide lining and a steer hide leather shell giving the mitt the durability to last for multiple seasons. Many of their gloves are handcrafted with great attention to detail. Players consider Marucci gloves as the Ferrari in baseball.

  1. Wilson

A respected brand in the sports world as well as in popular culture, Wilson has always delivered quality in each of its products. They do not disappoint with their A2000 series. Their baseball mitts have always been a popular choice among amateur and professional players alike. They produce glove for players with multiple positions and they make sure each one is durable and comfortable enough to last for many seasons.

  1. Rawling

Using high-quality materials, Rawling continues to prove to be a giant when it comes to baseball mitts, especially since they released their Pro Preferred line. They design gloves that combine quality and performance in order to create an exceptionally versatile glove fit any player regardless of their position. Rawling mitt’s winning feature has always been the sheepskin lining that provides comfort as well as maintains the shape of the glove.