Top 3 Ways to Improve Your Infielding

When it comes to baseball, all players play a crucial role in the team’s success. In particular, the infield players are the key defensive players for any baseball team and are tasked with the difficult job of defending each base, catching balls before hitting the ground or tagging the runners. They are also tasked to quickly throw the ball to first base before any batter can reach it. It is therefore of utmost importance that infield players play at their peak in every game. Here are three tips at improving infield play.

  1. A Strong Fundamental

Going back to basics is always a great way to refine any skill a player possess. Infielders, in particular, need to build a strong foundation in the sport at the very beginning for future success. Strict, regimented, and consistent training is crucial. This is aimed at improving the throw, footwork, as well as improving a good glove action.

  1. Repetition

Once a good foundation is established, skills are enhanced and refined through repetition. Multiple practices will improve all the body mechanics involved in the gameplay as well as increase a player’s confidence. Repetition can also help to build a great dynamic among all infield players, making the dynamic among all infielders seamless and their reaction instinctual.

  1. Glove-Arm Action

Among all players, the infielders see the most glove action. Meaning, they catch and throw balls more than any other players. It is therefore mandatory that all infielders develop a good glove-arm action. It also helps that they use a quality glove from top glove brands for catching the ball without fumbling.